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Worldwide Internet Speedtests

In late 2014, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Worldwide Web, announced that he believes that the Internet should be a basic human right: 

"It's time to recognize the Internet as a basic human right. That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring Internet packets are delivered without commercial or political discrimination, and protecting the privacy and freedom of Web users regardless of where they live."

As of 2014, however, an estimated 4.4 billion people (3.2 billion live in 20 countries), do not have access to the internet, according to a study by McKinsey & Company. The majority of those that do not have access to the Internet are scattered all over the globe––from Myanmar and Ethiopia to Tanzania and Bangladesh. Further, despite the issue of lack of access to the Internet, there is still a discrepancy in Internet speeds for the few billion that do have access. 

This Silk explores Internet download speeds in over 100 countries by looking at data from the Net Index

The map below graphs countries according to their Internet speeds; only countries with available data are displayed. 

According to the Net Index database (2013-present), "the value is the rolling mean speed in Mbps over the past 30 days. Only tests taken within 300 miles of the server are eligible for inclusion in the index."

As demonstrated, the majority of countries that have high Internet download speeds are in Asia. Overall, Asia enjoys some of the highest Internet speeds in the world. However, such high speed data is only limited to a cluster of countries. India, for example, has one of the slowest Internet speeds (7.76 Mbps) in the world. Overall, as of July 2015, global Internet speed data shows that G8 countries lead the way with an average of 34.5 Mpbs, followed by OECD (32.5 Mbps), EU (32 Mbps), and APEC (28.4 Mbps).

Average Download Speeds, Mapped by Location 

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Average Speed
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Afghanistan2.77 MbpsAfghanistan
Aland Islands35.07 MbpsAland Islands
Albania9 MbpsAlbania
Algeria3.33 MbpsAlgeria
Andorra39.5 MbpsAndorra
Angola6.87 MbpsAngola
Anguilla7.91 MbpsAnguilla
Antigua and Barbuda4.96 MbpsAntigua and Barbuda
Argentina6.75 MbpsArgentina
Armenia16.09 MbpsArmenia
Aruba23.58 MbpsAruba
Australia18.21 MbpsAustralia
Austria29.32 MbpsAustria
Azerbaijan9.95 MbpsAzerbaijan
Bahrain12.32 MbpsBahrain
Bangladesh11.27 MbpsBangladesh
Barbados13.94 MbpsBarbados
Belarus20.43 MbpsBelarus
Belgium41.05 MbpsBelgium
Belize3.2 MbpsBelize
Benin1.81 MbpsBenin
Bermuda9.42 MbpsBermuda
Bhutan9.97 MbpsBhutan
Bolivia2.64 MbpsBolivia
Bonaire, Statia & Saba9.63 MbpsBonaire, Statia & Saba
Bosnia and Herzegovina9.79 MbpsBosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana4.44 MbpsBotswana
Brazil13.77 MbpsBrazil
British Virgin Islands8.05 MbpsBritish Virgin Islands
Brunei7.74 MbpsBrunei
Bulgaria37.57 MbpsBulgaria
Burkina Faso2.78 MbpsBurkina Faso
Burundi3.48 MbpsBurundi
Cambodia9.39 MbpsCambodia
Cameroon2.53 MbpsCameroon
Canada30.39 MbpsCanada
Cape Verde7.87 MbpsCape Verde
Cayman Islands13.94 MbpsCayman Islands
Chile14.93 MbpsChile
China30.75 MbpsChina
Colombia7.16 MbpsColombia
Congo1.77 MbpsCongo
Costa Rica5.32 MbpsCosta Rica
Cote d'Ivoire5.02 MbpsCote d'Ivoire
Croatia12.95 MbpsCroatia
Cuba1.48 MbpsCuba
Curacao19.04 MbpsCuracao
Cyprus10.26 MbpsCyprus
Czech Republic35.92 MbpsCzech Republic
Denmark47.07 MbpsDenmark
Djibouti4.34 MbpsDjibouti
Dominica9.03 MbpsDominica
Dominican Republic7.96 MbpsDominican Republic
DR Congo2.36 MbpsDR Congo
Ecuador5.79 MbpsEcuador
Egypt2.69 MbpsEgypt
El Salvador3.99 MbpsEl Salvador
Estonia30.41 MbpsEstonia
Ethiopia13.68 MbpsEthiopia
Faroe Islands12.76 MbpsFaroe Islands
Fiji13.84 MbpsFiji
Finland33.71 MbpsFinland
France42.98 MbpsFrance
French Guiana2.96 MbpsFrench Guiana
French Polynesia5.34 MbpsFrench Polynesia
Gabon1.39 MbpsGabon
Georgia18.46 MbpsGeorgia
Germany32.43 MbpsGermany
Ghana8.21 MbpsGhana
Gibraltar29.08 MbpsGibraltar
Greece10.39 MbpsGreece
Grenada8.71 MbpsGrenada
Guadeloupe10.35 MbpsGuadeloupe
Guam17.82 MbpsGuam
Guatemala5.33 MbpsGuatemala
Guernsey14.47 MbpsGuernsey
Guinea2.36 MbpsGuinea
Guyana3.46 MbpsGuyana
Haiti7.5 MbpsHaiti
Honduras4.76 MbpsHonduras
Hong Kong103.6 MbpsHong Kong
Hungary39.82 MbpsHungary
Iceland41.64 MbpsIceland
India7.69 MbpsIndia
Indonesia7.56 MbpsIndonesia
Iran5.26 MbpsIran
Iraq6.25 MbpsIraq
Ireland27.39 MbpsIreland
Isle of Man21.58 MbpsIsle of Man
Israel31.44 MbpsIsrael
Italy11.5 MbpsItaly
Jamaica6.92 MbpsJamaica
Japan101.35 MbpsJapan
Jersey32.66 MbpsJersey
Jordan7.89 MbpsJordan
Kazakhstan18.8 MbpsKazakhstan
Kenya8.19 MbpsKenya
Kuwait9.93 MbpsKuwait
Kyrgyzstan13.58 MbpsKyrgyzstan
Laos6.38 MbpsLaos
Latvia42.97 MbpsLatvia
Lebanon3.52 MbpsLebanon
Lesotho11.76 MbpsLesotho
Libya4.55 MbpsLibya
Liechtenstein25.84 MbpsLiechtenstein
Lithuania84.88 MbpsLithuania
Luxembourg42.43 MbpsLuxembourg
Macau69.25 MbpsMacau
Macedonia16.53 MbpsMacedonia
Madagascar15.42 MbpsMadagascar
Malawi3.17 MbpsMalawi
Malaysia7.94 MbpsMalaysia
Maldives6.12 MbpsMaldives
Mali2.19 MbpsMali
Malta25.02 MbpsMalta
Martinique11.61 MbpsMartinique
Mauritania4.36 MbpsMauritania
Mauritius7.58 MbpsMauritius
Mexico15.26 MbpsMexico
Monaco72.48 MbpsMonaco
Mongolia17.08 MbpsMongolia
Montenegro7.67 MbpsMontenegro
Morocco6.5 MbpsMorocco
Mozambique3.17 MbpsMozambique
Namibia8.36 MbpsNamibia
Nepal9.41 MbpsNepal
Netherlands53.63 MbpsNetherlands
New Caledonia7.91 MbpsNew Caledonia
Nicaragua5.02 MbpsNicaragua
Niger1.76 MbpsNiger
Nigeria6.28 MbpsNigeria
Northern Mariana Islands4.06 MbpsNorthern Mariana Islands
Norway35.59 MbpsNorway
Oman16.65 MbpsOman
Pakistan3.98 MbpsPakistan
Palestine5.37 MbpsPalestine
Panama8.53 MbpsPanama
Papua New Guinea5.35 MbpsPapua New Guinea
Paraguay4.25 MbpsParaguay
Peru6.69 MbpsPeru
Philippines3.79 MbpsPhilippines
Poland24.83 MbpsPoland
Portugal32.15 MbpsPortugal
Puerto Rico19.64 MbpsPuerto Rico
Republic of Moldova41.68 MbpsRepublic of Moldova
Republic of the Union of Myanmar4.79 MbpsRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Reunion16.64 MbpsReunion
Romania69.99 MbpsRomania
Russia30.14 MbpsRussia
Rwanda9.64 MbpsRwanda
Saint Kitts and Nevis10.19 MbpsSaint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia9.43 MbpsSaint Lucia
Saint Martin7.37 MbpsSaint Martin
Saint Pierre and Miquelon20.11 MbpsSaint Pierre and Miquelon
San Marino14.04 MbpsSan Marino
Sao Tome and Principe17.3 MbpsSao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia11.72 MbpsSaudi Arabia
Senegal10.23 MbpsSenegal
Serbia13.58 MbpsSerbia
Seychelles13.1 MbpsSeychelles
Singapore130.18 MbpsSingapore
Slovakia29.13 MbpsSlovakia
Slovenia24.08 MbpsSlovenia
South Africa8.06 MbpsSouth Africa
South Korea59.63 MbpsSouth Korea
Spain42.9 MbpsSpain
St. Vincent and Grenadines8.69 MbpsSt. Vincent and Grenadines
Sudan2.52 MbpsSudan
Suriname4.41 MbpsSuriname
Swaziland2.71 MbpsSwaziland
Sweden59.14 MbpsSweden
Switzerland54.41 MbpsSwitzerland
Syria1.85 MbpsSyria
Taiwan48.72 MbpsTaiwan
Tajikistan16.07 MbpsTajikistan
Tanzania6.04 MbpsTanzania
Thailand20.92 MbpsThailand
The Bahamas12.81 MbpsThe Bahamas
The Gambia1.4 MbpsThe Gambia
Togo2.73 MbpsTogo
Tonga6.51 MbpsTonga
Trinidad and Tobago17.08 MbpsTrinidad and Tobago
Tunisia4.74 MbpsTunisia
Turkey12.66 MbpsTurkey
Turks and Caicos Islands13.76 MbpsTurks and Caicos Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands12.8 MbpsU.S. Virgin Islands
Uganda7.57 MbpsUganda
Ukraine27.8 MbpsUkraine
United Arab Emirates29.91 MbpsUnited Arab Emirates
United Kingdom31.11 MbpsUnited Kingdom
United States39.01 MbpsUnited States
Uruguay16.26 MbpsUruguay
Uzbekistan4.04 MbpsUzbekistan
Vanuatu3.59 MbpsVanuatu
Venezuela2.13 MbpsVenezuela
Vietnam19.06 MbpsVietnam
Zambia8.04 MbpsZambia
Zimbabwe6.97 MbpsZimbabwe

Source: Net Index

As demonstrated by the tables above, the top-10 countries with the fastest Internet are located in either Asia or Europe. On the other hand, several developing countries, in Africa in particular, suffer from low Internet speeds. 

As a measure of reference, it takes at least a 5.0 Mbps download speed to view a video on Netflix in HD, 0.15 Mpbs to stream a song on Spotify, and 0.5 Mpbs to make a video call on Skype.  

Top-10 Countries with the Fastest Internet Download Speed

Source: Net Index

Top-10 Countries with the Slowest Internet Download Speed

Source: Net Index

It is clear that the global average for Internet speeds is increasing. An analysis of data from Net Index shows that in August 2014, the global average was approximately 19.9 Mbps, compared to 24.4 Mbps a year later, in July 2015. Still, these numbers do not necessarily reflect global improvement, but rather an advancement in the Internet speeds of mainly developed countries––including OECD, G8, EU, and APEC countries. 

Ultimately, as the data has revealed, Tim Berners-Lee's dream is still far from being realized. 

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Data from Net Index based on Ookla Speedtests.

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